Transaction detail

Transaction ID: 0xdaa127ed6dc1f37787f15c510a1c5b1d26496160dc67587b96efbf2a41804b0e
Type: Swap
71.973831 USDT
74.019903 USDC
Liquidity Provider Fee:
0.21592 USDT ($0.21592)
Actually received:
74.019903 USDC
Total Value: $73.71
Status :
Nonce: 74683
Belong to: 124922
Created at: 2021-08-11 21:13:40

ZKSwap is the first ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. The explorer provides display and query of ZKSwap market data and layer-2 blockchain data.

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