Transaction detail

Transaction ID: 0xafd0dc6f6bf6e109694c1d4099335177fdf323fbef58c6522a6ba37611688c4f
Type: Swap
14.017402485 UNI
389.627134899173293042 ZKS
Liquidity Provider Fee:
0.042052207455 UNI ($1.02535)
Actually received:
389.627134899173293042 ZKS
Total Value: $428.11
Status :
Nonce: 81141
Belong to: 128623
Created at: 2021-09-06 23:18:59

ZKSwap is the first ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. The explorer provides display and query of ZKSwap market data and layer-2 blockchain data.

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