Transaction detail

Transaction ID: 0x166cf4d272fdecc5f845d2fe5656214d2e39ca914c58723991b5d7a0775e5ab2
Type: Remove Liquidity
Remove 1.67155318251641451 AAVE
Remove 619.428152629049155531 ZKS
Burnt LP token: 31.525755109
Total Value: $1039.90817
Total Value: $1,039.91
Status :
Nonce: 21
Belong to: 124874
Created at: 2021-08-11 15:34:21

ZKSwap is the first ZK-Rollups based layer-2 DEX with the AMM model. The explorer provides display and query of ZKSwap market data and layer-2 blockchain data.

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